Training Philosophy

Grounded in the century-old training methods of Panathinaikos Athletic Organization, the philosophy of Panathinaikos A.C. is to train players on all aspects of our sports. Therefore, training will address technical, tactical, physical, and psychological (T2P2) components for players of all ages. Self-discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork will be emphasized. Each practice session will include player conditioning as well as skill and game specific training on T2P2. While conditioning is not a favorite activity among athletes, it is vital to their strength and endurance. This “necessary evil” can be fun and rewarding if taught with the players’ goals and interests in mind.

The technical and tactical components of our sports must develop through a “scope and sequence” approach. That is, the skills must be introduced, modeled, taught in order of natural skill progression with emphasis on technical accuracy, and developed to a point of independent execution that becomes natural to the players. That being said, players will develop skills at different rates, not based solely on their ages. All players within a given age group, however, will receive exposure to all skills deemed appropriate for that age group. Players will use structured practice times to develop their deficiencies and fine tune their mastered skills.